Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012

I know I've been neglectful.  I don't have any good excuses.  I have had people interested in our Summer Bucket List.  I am publishing it now, but come back because I will have links to many of these items eventually.  Hopefully by the end of the week.

Summer Bucket List 2012

Family Traditions (things we would probably do anyway, but I'm adding them here to make sure we squeeze them in)
1.    Visit a park each week to play and picnic.
2.    Fishing
3.    Swimming at the pool
4.    County Fair
5.    Camping
6.    Wienie Roast with s'mores
7.    Library activities (5 different types at our library)
8.    Catch Lightning Bugs
9.    Look at the stars
10.    VBS
11.    Swimming Lessons
12.    Fly a Kite
13.    Fourth of July parade/carnival/fireworks
14.    Feed the Geese
15.    Mud Pies
16.    Car Wash

Destination Fun (can't afford to travel far, but we do have some nearby destinations planned)
17.    Visit a farmer's market other than our own.
18.    Hunt down Dan Wardell (Creston in June or Humeston in July)
19.    Go to Adventureland
20.    Bike Paths
21.    Visit Reiman Gardens
22.    Visit a zoo
23.    Hot Air Balloons
24.    Science Center
25.    Frisbie golf
26.    Scavenger hunt
27.    Freedom Rock
28.    Local Museum
29.    Go on a hike
30.    Go to a movie as a family

Crafts and Science Learning  (lots of fun stuff on Pinterest)
32.    Make Crystals
33.    Start a Worm Compost Bin
35.    Homemade Bubbles (pinterest)
36.    Tie Dye (traditional and sharpie)
37.    Make fizzing sidewalk chalk
39.    Make a Pinata
40.    Another Pinterest Project

Family and Community (things that we plan to do for the community or as a family; some of this list satisfies badge work for cub scouts)

41.    Donate toys and clothes
42.    Play board games (chess and monopoly)
43.    Water Fight (pinterest)
44.    Slip and Slide
45.    Creek stomping at my brother's house
46.    Family Pictures
47.    3 community service projects
48.    Colby's Birthday Party
49.    Braedon's Birthday Party
50.    Explore maps
51.    Mini Olympics
52.    Attend Baseball Game (high school or older)
53.    Attend Rodeo

The Taste of Summer (more fun Pinterest stuff, too many to pick from--go see the ones I posted on the Summer Bucket List board linked below)
54.    Pinterest Recipe
55.    Pinterest Recipe
56.    Pinterest Recipe
57.    Pinterest Recipe
58.    Pinterest Recipe
59.    Pinterest Recipe
60.    Pinterest Recipe

I have a Pinterest board devoted to our Summer Bucket List ideas.  I also have been pinning in many other topics including preschool ideas and recipes.  Find all my boards here.