Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 1--Summer Bucket List 2012

It was a busy week~bookended by two busy weekends!  Over Memorial Day weekend my sister graduated with a master's degree in health care administration and we celebrated a first birthday at my cousin's house.  This weekend another cousin got married and we spent Sunday afternoon working in my dad's barn.  We did check off some items (and as usual a few others that I hadn't thought of when I developed the list).  

1.    Visit a park each week to play and picnic.  We hit up Little Indian Park Tuesday after Track Camp.  We had pbj, apples, and carrots.  
2.    Fishing--Ron took the boys to Three Mile Lake to enjoy Free Fishing Weekend (no license needed) last night.  There wasn't a lot of fish caught, but they were still pretty excited to tell me about the new (to them) location.
6.    Wienie Roast with s'mores--Yesterday with Grandma, Chris, and Melonie. After spending the night before celebrating a wedding, I wasn't sure if we would squeeze in our Sunday Summer Tradition of a Wienie Roast at Grandma and Grandpa Onn's.  But the call came in from my brother at about 10:30.  "Are you coming over?"  Little did we know he needed the manual labor to do a little rearranging and de-cluttering in the barn.  It was all good!
44.    Slip and Slide--at the birthday party~fun!

Other items:  
**Track camp-Braedon and Colby participated in Track Camp all week.  This involved learning stretches/warmups and running techniques.  They also got to try out a variety of field events.  This all culminated in a Track Meet Saturday morning.  The coaches were fantastic and the boys had fun and learned a lot.  Brody and I hung out at the track most mornings and he got to play with playdough, sidewalk chalk, and play hopscotch.  I got to read a book (yay!)
**Friday Funday-(I have no idea why I didn't just include these, other than I don't think I had all the details when I made up my list.  They will be a weekly tradition.)  Brody and I met his daycare friends at the park on Friday while his brothers were at Track Camp.  It was so fun to see all his friends run up to him in excitement when we got out of the car.  He painted a rocket (and I have never seen him so interested in art) and played on the playground too.  
**Ron attempted to take the boys on a bike path, but found out the fancy bike rack we bought last year needed additional parts to fit the boys bikes  and they are sold an hour away.  So, maybe that will happen soon.
**Little League games--We are at the fields MWF evenings through the end of June.  Ron helps with both boys' teams.

Plans for this week:  community service, two items from the destination list, at least one each from the projects and recipes lists.  Love it!  

Our Summer Bucket List 2012 can be found here.

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