Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy Days

Well, it's been a while.  Everything is fine here, just super busy on all fronts.  Hope to get some detailed blogs about that by this weekend (no promises, things will still be busy).  But while you wait...

At work...
...We had grandparents' day at preschool nearly two weeks ago now.  Love the grandparents, but I always get a bit nervous with so many other adults in the rooms that are not fully aware of how preschool works.  Things went well, by the way.
...We had two field trips last week.  On Thursday we traveled to Osceola and our preschoolers along with the other preschoolers in our county had a track and field day.  On Friday our preschool took 28 children and at least that many adults to the zoo in Des Moines.  Both trips were successful.  Both were exhausting.
...The end of the school year is next week for preschool.  However instead of winding down, things actually feel like they are revving up, as we have packed lots of activities into the last few weeks.
...This week we have federal reviewers in our center observing, going through files, and asking lots of questions.  We have a good program, but this is all nerve wracking.
...Today we had high school students working with us all afternoon.  They needed to do a project for their Health Occupations class.  We needed some guest speakers for health lessons.  Win-win.
...As of now, I only have three more days with my kiddos.  While I am anxious for the end of the school year and the change in routine for me (nope, won't get less busy...the busy-ness will just change) I will miss those little guys.
...I have an IEP meeting and several home visits that I need to prepare for and all this has been put on the back burner to deal with the more pressing issues of field trip planning and preparing for this review.

At home...
...Two boys have started baseball.  Practices three nights a week have turned into games three nights a week.  Throw in supper and baths and it makes for a hectic night three times each week.  We are all out of the house by 7 every morning, so it can also make for a stressful morning after a later bedtime.
...Our washer broke last week.  We got a used one.  It works fine, but is smaller.  I'm trying to get used to it.
...Farmers' Market will start before we know it.  I have lots of preparations to do.  Signs need to be made and distributed.  Gardens need to be planted (Ron is in charge of this, but I plan to help more this year).  I need to plan my baking and figure prices/prepare ingredient lists/signage for our table.
...Freezer Meal group meets this w/e.  I have actually started some of what I will take.  Woo Hoo!  But I seem to research recipes for this about once a week or so.  I will be working on that over the next few days.
...Cub scouts are winding down, but we have a campout this weekend.  I will not be camping, but I will participate in some of the activities.  There's a few more fun cub scout activities planned for this summer, and I have some sign-up deadlines approaching.
...The boys have been having a hard time balancing all these activities and keeping up with their normal responsibilities and staying in a good mood.  I know this is short term due to overlapping activities.  I refuse to overschedule, and this is why.

Whew, now that I got that all down, I think I am finally ready for bed.  Thanks for waiting for me.  I'll be back soon.  :)

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  1. Busy is right!
    Sounds like you've had alot on your plate, but also that you accomplished alot.
    It would be interesting to hear abit about your preschool someday. It sounds good, as well as interesting. It sounds like you work along with the families, as you mentioned home visits.

    Spring is always a busy time when it comes to kids and sports!
    But it sounds like fun too!

    I read your post Wed., but couldn't comment, as Blogger was down, but it seems things are up and running again. So it's nice to get to check in and visit!

    Hope you have a just great weekend!