Monday, May 30, 2011

Slow Cooker in the Summer

Many people think of the slow cooker as a winter appliance.  However it can be a helpful and frugal summer appliance as well.  First, it uses less energy than a regular oven.  It also does not heat up your house the way a regular oven will.  Some families are so busy that they can't always eat at the same time--the slow cooker can provide a hot meal before or after those ball games or other activities.  Finally it is a forgiving way to use up some of those leftover bits of veggies and meats in soups for soup and sandwiches.

I was home during the day today and got to see some daytime shows I don't typically get to watch.  Today on Rachael Ray's show she featured the slow cooker.  One was for Salsa Chicken and it's simple and uses ingredients I have on hand.  I plan to serve it in tortillas as a wrap.  You can find other slow cooker recipes along the right side of that link including Teriyaki Chicken, White Chili, Meatballs and Sauce, Pulled Pork, and Pork Roast.  I'm definitely going to try some of those out.


  1. I always forget about my slow cooker. It would definitely save me time. I should check out your recipes. Thanks for linking up to the Frugal Tuesday Tip!

  2. I just used my slow cooker the other day in almost 90 degree weather. I was having a rummage sale so I needed an easy meal for dinner. I put it outside so it doesn't warm up the house, and if I think it's going to rain I put it in the grill to keep it from getting wet and move it closer to the house. I'm thinking I could also put it in the basement too. I came up with putting in the grill when I lived in a place without a basement.