Monday, April 11, 2011

Blowing in the Wind

It seems like I'm always doing laundry.  I'm pretty sure it comes with the territory of having three active young boys and a husband who is just as active.  I posted a few weeks ago about the laundry soap recipe I've been making for almost a year.  (Three batches, at about 3 bucks a batch=less than ten bucks on laundry soap over the past year--woo hoo!)

This weekend I have taken advantage of the summer-like weather and have hung clothes on the line everyday for the last 4 days.  I love that I can allow the energy of the sun and the wind to do the work that many pay their dryer to do.  However sometimes I don't get the clothes in before a rain, or the nightly dew, and a few years back I noticed a lot of faded clothes.  So as I hang clothes I turn colored clothes inside out.  So now if they fade, it is only on the inside and no one notices it but me.


  1. I have been hanging clothes out to dry too these last few days. Thanks for linking up to the Frugal Tuesday Tip.

  2. I have made your laundry soap recipe in the past. At the moment I am making a semi homemade powder version. In the summer month we hang most of our laundry outside also. I even go as far as to not use the dryer on the few loads that I do dry until after dark when it is cooler. Needless to say my teenagers are not all that happy about having to hang their laundry :)