Friday, April 1, 2011

You don't get it...

Colby tells me he has a girlfriend.  Actually two girlfriends.  Alivia loves him and he loves her.  She also loves his friend Konrad.  And Konrad loves her.  And he's okay with that, by the way.  The girl he sits next to in first grade loves him too.  I asked if she was Konrad's girlfriend too.  Well no, Konrad doesn't love her.

Alivia and Colby went to the same daycare from birth (they are the same age) until a few months ago.  So they are like siblings.  They should love each other...

Sunday on the way to Sunday School I hear this conversation in the middle seat of the van.

Colby (to Brody):  Alivia is my girlfriend you know.  She loves me and I love her.  Konrad loves her too.  You don't get it Brody.  You don't have a girlfriend.

Brody (a bit put off):  I do so have dirlfriends!

Colby:  No your girlfriends are all old and married, probably.  Like Lady Gaga.

Brody:  I do have dirlfriends.

Colby:  Well who are they, then?

Brody:  Well Lady Gaga is my dirlfriend.

Colby (interrupting):  Oh Brody!  You just don't get it!

PS Brody's girlfriends are any female that draws his attention on TV or movies.  They tend to be cute and thin, like to sing or dance, and often are scantily dressed.  I have a feeling Brody 'gets it' more than Colby realizes...

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! from the mouths of babes!