Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ups and Downs

This has been quite a roller coaster of a week.  I am not a royal enthusiast, but I happened to be up for the big wedding Friday morning (insomnia, it's a wonderful thing--not really).  I think the couple is adorable.  I enjoyed their seeing their relationships with their siblings as well.

I have friends in Vancouver who have been waiting for seven months to take their premature baby home.  And finally that happened this week.

I have friends in Arkansas and Alabama who have lost homes, possessions, neighbors to deadly tornadoes.

My cousin and her husband will become custodial guardians (and eventually adopted parents) to a teenage girl who does not have a mother and whose father is dying of cancer.

I have a friend that has been struggling with eating disorders that may take her life.  She also welcomed a beautiful grandson into the world this week.

I have friends who lost a baby last week.

I signed my baby up for preschool on Friday.  He didn't talk during the testing (was awfully nervous about all these women who knew his name, but he didn't know them).  He did awesome for the finger poke and lead test.  We went out for ice cream afterward.

I have friends who are getting by on one income while the wife takes care of their baby and attends college.  The husband found out this week that his teaching position will be cut next year due to budget cuts, thus cutting their only income.

My school still does not have contracts out due to uncertainty of state funds.  I am still a little nervous about my job.

My sister and her husband will be having another baby around Thanksgiving.  :)

I have good things happening in my classroom, that I can't really talk about here.  And I am so thankful that my family is healthy and happy.

I know things will all work out.  I have trust in God.  But I'm ready for more ups than downs, my heart is heavy.  If you, my readers, are praying people and any of these stories have touched you, please take a moment and say a prayer.  I will try to work up a post that is a bit more positive.

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  1. Hi Stacey, My thoughts are with you. I felt very touched reading here. There are some wonderful things and some very difficult ones.

    You seem to me from my reading here on your blog, to be a resilient woman, who cares deeply - as well you make time to offer encouragement to others.

    Take care of yourself, and your family.
    Hang in there!