Friday, March 16, 2012

March so far...

Several weeks have passed since I last posted.  Let's see if I can hit the highlights:

I got to go to a great training at the local college.  I spent the day with two local child care providers learning about the value of play.  Jeff Johnson was the keynote.  He is a phenomenal speaker and much of what he said struck a chord with me.  He spent many years as a center director in NW Iowa and is currently home provider along with his wife.  He is preparing for another transition in his career, moving out of direct service and focusing on writing and speaking about early childhood.  I also attended a session on natural playscapes that has my wheels turning about how to include more nature in our playground at school.

Braedon's music concert was earlier this month.  He volunteered for a solo (2 lines) and let us know about a week before the concert.  I was surprised because I didn't know he had a strong enough voice for a solo.  His music teacher is the pianist/organist at our church.  Her son hangs out with us during Sunday school and church while she is practicing and playing.  He is just younger than Colby and fits in to our group of boys really well.  Anyway, Braedon said Mrs. Wallace asked for volunteers for solos and he volunteered. The weekend before the concert he told me he didn't realize a 'solo' meant that he had to sing by himself in front of the whole audience.  I assured him that is exactly what it means, but that he would do fine.  He did!  He sang clearly and just grinned the whole time.  He has always loved music, but his taste is more to the 80's heavy metal scene.  A bonus for me was seeing so many of my past preschoolers singing with the large group, solos, and introducing the songs.  I was quite proud that night.

When I was young, our high school AFS club put on a spring carnival for the youth of the community.  There was a cake walk, clowns, balloons, balloon darts, and other such games.  Actually a picture of me at the carnival made the yearbook when I was in kindergarten (thanks to my aunt who was on yearbook staff).  I also have fond memories assisting with the carnival when I was in high school.  Not long after I graduated (when my sister was in high school) the local AFS club disbanded and with it so did the carnival.  A few years ago the spring carnival was brought back by the PTCO.  The kids love it!  Games and food are all one ticket each.  Tickets are a quarter apiece.  It makes for a fun and cheap evening of entertainment.  Braedon opted out this year, but I took the other two.  Colby was old enough to go out on his own with a few parameters, and he ended up spending much of his time standing in line with friends to ring a 2L of pop (he was not successful).  I allowed Brody to lead me around.  It was interesting, because he was so random and indecisive about what to do.  Had I taken charge we would have circled the gym's games and then circled the games in the cafeteria, but Brody moved from game to game completely randomly.  It drove me a bit nuts, but it was great to see him get to take charge since he is the youngest and it doesn't happen all that often.

The boys had spring break this week.  Since Ron did not get his request for time off in to his boss in time and I have spring break next week, we made arrangements for the boys to hang out with Grandpa Onn.  They got to do some chores, clean out a shed or two, and play outside.  Braedon made breakfast most mornings.  The weather was darn near perfect--upper 70s.  They have been singing some random Schoolhouse Rock songs today, so they must have fit in a little tv time.  Probably Grandpa needed a nap.  :)

Brody turned five yesterday, but more on that tomorrow after his party.  He's asleep across my lap and it's hard to type. Good night all!

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