Saturday, February 25, 2012

Conference Reports and Right Now

We had conferences with the boys' teachers last week.  

Brody (4) loves to play in the house corner and dress up.  He has several friends he enjoys at school, including Andrew and Landon.  He needs to keep working on writing his name, drawing, and scissors skills.  

Colby (8) catches on to school work quickly.  He has gotten perfect scores on all his spelling tests.  He needs to work on talking less in class and being responsible about turning in his weekly poem and reading log.  

Braedon (10) qualified for title 1 reading for the last three years and did not qualify this year.  He is now reading and doing math slightly above where he should be.  He is on the last test for state capitals and just finished x12 on Mad Minutes.  He needs to work on his handwriting.

Right now, Brody has music blasting and is doing this crazy, stomping, spinning, smiling dance.  Colby is singing along as he and Braedon play a racing game on the playstation.  Braedon's head is bobbing to the music.  I haven't been home much this week with my own conferences, and I really need to catch up on the normal housework (and dig in to some more heavy-duty housework).  I wanted to take a moment to appreciate these boys.


  1. I love my nephews!!! Sounds like you are all doing great in school!! Way to go!!! We are all proud of you!

  2. Stacey,
    It's great to have a weekend to catch up on the ordinary tasks of houswork, isn't it?
    This is what I'm up to at present. I as well need to sort through many boxes from when I moved 2 years ago, and get rid of the mess in one closet...this is on my agenda today. I think I'll be happy when it's done.
    I love the description of your spirited boys enjoying themselves, and "grooving" to the music - it sounds like a fun moment!