Saturday, February 4, 2012

Honey, I'm home!

My last post was from mid-August.  That is my busiest time at school.  Between preparing my classroom, doing home visits, and attending teacher meetings I don't have much time for extras.  Throw in getting three boys ready for school to begin and you can see why I had to take a bit of a break.

Once I got out of the routine of blogging, writer's block set in.  Then I just didn't know where to begin.  My mom and my hubby and my sister have nudged me off and on for awhile now to get back to blogging.  Ultimately, it seems strangers are dragging me out of seclusion.

I've had a fellow blogger leave a couple of messages while I was 'gone' (I wasn't really gone, I check several blogs daily) to check on me.  And it seems I just won a contest on another blog and my blog was linked to that announcement.  How embarrassing--to have folks coming here to this sad little place that seems to be abandoned.

I have decided that I will begin blogging again a little at a time.  My initial focus is going to be to record the happenings of our family here on the blog.  As I get back in the groove I will try to delve back into sharing some preschool and bargaining adventures.

I have never figured out a good way to share pictures on the blog and I'm currently without a camera.  So that will be a goal for the upcoming months.  (I have discovered Pinterest and I would love to create a two way connection between this space and that space.)

So welcome back.  Make yourself at home.


  1. Stacey,
    It's great to see you're back!
    I'll be reading along, as I've enjoyed your posts over the past year so much!
    I'm presently not posting, but definitely reading blogs for inspiration and good ideas.
    I know what you mean about being too busy to post, but as well, am already feeling a tingling in my fingers and new ideas developing for posts, so might as well come back in a slightly different way.

    Regarding posting pictures - when you do purchase a camera it should come with a program which will allow you to download pcitures to your computer. Mine is called Photofunstation, and then once you have the pictures downloaded to your computer, it's pretty simple to post. There will be an icon above the draft of your post as you write, to click for pictures, and from there you select the pictures from your file. I'm not very saavy with computer ins and outs, but this hasn't been a problem for me.
    However, I don't post pictures of my children, only the environment, or artwork, etc. as I don't have permission to do so. It is fun to add pictures...however I always enjoy your written posts.
    Welcome back Stacey!