Monday, February 6, 2012

Sick Day

I got to stay home with Brody today.  Yesterday afternoon and evening he couldn't get very far from the toilet, so we decided not to send him to preschool and daycare and risk spreading whatever bug around.  However, he was perfectly fine today.  Oh well!  It couldn't hurt to rest up after fighting off that bug.

So I did get a little decluttering, vacuuming, and laundry done.  I certainly could have done more, but I guess I'm happy with what I did.  Brody got to play with his 'guys' and dress up as Captain America, and play video games, and watch his shows.  We sat together on the chair to watch Barney and Caillou, not exactly my favorite shows, but we did watch Sid the Science Kid too).  Love to be able to spend the day one on one with each child every now and then.

Brody will be back to school tomorrow.  Braedon has a doctor's appointment and Ron has the day off to take him.  I'm heading in early to work to figure out what I need to prepare/adjust.  I was not in the room Friday (inservice) or today, so I'm sure I have things to catch up on before the kiddos get there.  Tomorrow night Colby has a music concert, that I keep forgetting about.  So we'll do that too.  


  1. It's just so amazing how you can remember all this stuff! Do the boys help remind you? Busy lady! but...memories :)

    1. Remember how I told you that Google Calendar is my friend... I just forgot to enter the concert when we got notice. Actually it has been acting up and not always allowing me to enter or delete items when I want to. And sometimes I forget to try again later, so that may be the case this time...