Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catching up

I've been trying to post most days here.  However Wednesdays I work late and those days won't always have a post.  Thursday I was not feeling well and actually fell asleep before 7:30.

Yesterday Brody's daycare was closed.  Since I don't have preschoolers on Fridays (we work on paperwork, lesson plans, prep-work, and do many other things we aren't able to do while we have kids), I brought him with me.  He was excited to bring his lunch in the Spiderman lunch box.  He was able to entertain himself for much of the day, but I did have to pause to read to him a few times.  :)

We left the school to hurry home to pack the van for our Scout Camp-in at the church.  Colby and Braedon are both in cub scouts this year and since Ron was schedule to work Saturday morning, the other four of us camped without him.  It's fun to see the boys making and playing with their friends.  Colby has always had many good friends, but making friends has always been tougher for Braedon.  He is beginning to really make a number of good friends though.  In fact two of the boys from his den asked to come sleep on the floor with him.  They whispered for a bit after lights out, and then fell asleep.

Let me say that sleeping in a cold church basement with fifty other people is tough.  When half of those other people are adults, and half of those adults snore, it gets tougher.  I did sleep, but was awake 4-5 times during the night.  Next year we are bringing more blankets, though.  (And if I thought I could handle having things stuck in my ears all night, I'd bring earplugs too.)

Braedon's den was in charge of breakfast this morning and they did a wonderful job cooking pancakes and sausage.  Braedon was so excited to show me that he could make pancakes and insisted I come into the kitchen to watch him flip them.  He can now do fried eggs, pancakes, and toast, but is confused how I can manage several things like that at the same time, so while he could make a full meal, he probably won't be turned completely loose just yet.

We left the church sped home to change clothes and headed to my school.  We had several parents interested enough in the Love and Logic training to devote a Saturday morning in training.  I was in charge of childcare and not all of the families brought their kids, but I know we had at least four families present.  I'm told there was a great deal of discussion, which is fantastic.  I had my three boys and four other children.  It would have been perfect had I had enough sleep, but I am pretty sure I was a bit short with some of the older kids (two of which were my own).  Nothing major, but one of those things I wish I would have handled better.

We came home to take a nap.  When I woke up Ron was home and told me that the Nascar draft was tonight and that he would take the boys with him to Martensdale.  So now I'm relaxing on the computer and eating chips and salsa for supper.  The salsa was made by my dad with Grandma Lewis's recipe and it is yummy!

Tomorrow we have Sunday School and church.  Mom and Dad aren't going to be home, so lunch is to be determined.  We will be finishing our valentines, and the boys need to finish their reading for the week.  Then the busy week of Valentine's Day and the boys' conferences will be upon us!


  1. Hmm...where are Mom and Dad going? Bethany? I can't believe how busy you stay. Glad you were able to spend some time alone, relaxing, when the boys went to their Nascar thing :) I'm sure EVERYONE enjoyed their time...YOU and THEM!

    1. I think so. I just remembered as I was typed that entry. And we stay quite busy, even with making sure we don't say yes to everything or joining everything. Keep that in mind for the next twenty years or so. Quality is always better than quantity. :)