Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Plan B

Superbowl Sunday... We planned to have friends over to enjoy the game, the commercials, and the food together.  However the snowstorm yesterday changed our plans.  Seems to be a good thing.  Our antenna tv proved unreliable at bringing in NBC tonight.  And my four year old couldn't stay off the toilet for long.

However we did enjoy fun, food, and family earlier today.  My siblings and their families were all together for pizza and other treats at my parents' house.  The boys got to play in the snow with Kayleigh (their 2 year old cousin) and I got lots of Jacob time.  Love holding my little nephew!  He's just a couple months old and super cute.

And Colby got an invitation from the neighbor boy to come over to play and spend the night last night.  This was his first sleepover and we weren't sure he would stay, but he did and really enjoyed himself.

I get to have one more day off work tomorrow with a sick kiddo.  Plan to have 15 minute spurts of cleaning and computer time throughout the day coupled with some snuggling on the couch with Brody.

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  1. And Jacob loves his Aunt Stacey time!!! Kayleigh loved playing with the "Colby's!" hehehe