Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Post-Pinterest

Our Sunday plans were altered this morning when my van wouldn't start.  Thankfully it was just a battery issue and is now fixed.

So, since we couldn't go to church, we finished our valentines.  I found this post on Pinterest (love that place, btw) and that's what all four of us are using this year.  Who doesn't love glow sticks?  I just hope they make it to school mostly intact.  Braedon, especially, is having a hard time not breaking them.

A couple of years ago I bought out Walmart's clearanced boy valentines for a quarter a box or less.  I thought I'd be set until we got all the boys through Valentine's Day parties.  Now I have loads of really cool homemade valentine ideas pinned, and may never use those cards stored away in a box in my basement.  Oh well, I'll hold on to them for a year or so and then will either use them as games/crafts at school or give them away for someone to use.

Here I am on Pinterest (in case someone besides my sister is reading).  Until I figure out how to post pictures here, that will be the place to find my ideas for the preschool classroom (plus good recipes and organization ideas I hope to try).

I'm trying to think of a good catch phrase to use to post about some of my favorite Pinterest finds each week.  A friend of mine is working through several Pinterest craft and recipe ideas and posting photos on her Facebook page.  I'm hoping to do something like that here too.  What are your thoughts?


  1. I did it, I finally jumped in! now I have so many boards I can't believe its only been 48 hours!! lol (just so you know, You are one of 4 I blame for my weakness ;)

  2. Stacey,
    Pinterest is one of those wonderful things, I never understood how to use.
    I actually joined last year, but couldn't understand it.
    However, I'm going to look at your links.
    It's always interesting to see the prices of Valentines go down after the season - and such a good idea to stock up. Sometimes I've thought of making some kind of matching/memory game with them for that time of year.