Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frugal Tuesday Tip--Freeze Bananas

I bake a lot of banana bread when I am baking for the farmers' market in the summer.  I do also bake it some when it is not farmers' market season, though my kids would say not enough.  I don't like to pay 50 cents a pound for bananas.  I also don't like my kitchen to smell like rotten bananas.  So I stalk my local grocery store.  Their policy is to discount bananas when there is no longer any green on the skin.  Once they are discounted, the customer can purchase a bag of bananas (usually about 2-3 big bunches) for a buck.

I discovered a few years ago how easy it is to freeze bananas.  I peel and freeze the bananas whole in the amounts I need for a recipe.  If you need 2-3 bananas for a loaf a bread, freeze 2-3 bananas together in a baggy.  Pull a baggy of bananas out of the freezer the night before you bake.  The bananas with thaw into a brown puddle of mush, but this is perfect for banana bread!  No need to mash the bananas ahead of time.

I am sharing this post with the frugal ladies hosting the Frugal Tuesday Blog Hop.  Head on over to Learning the Frugal Life to see other frugal tips.  Post your own frugal tip on Tuesday and join us!

ETA: I thought I would link up over at Learning the Frugal Life, but I"m having technical issues. So go over there and check out the other tips. Maybe I'll get there next week.

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  1. whooop whoop!!! wtg Stacey! I am totally diggin' pulling jars of brown mush from the freezer to make muffins!