Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Family Traditions

Every Sunday after church we head over to my mom's house for lunch.  This is a tradition that was born six years ago when I started teaching Sunday school and Colby, who was then one, needed someplace to go while Braedon and I went to Sunday school.  

Lunch varies depending on the time of year, Mom's amount of free time and energy, and if we have somewhere else to go after lunch.  When it is warm enough we usually have weiner roasts.  Sometimes we have brunch (egg casseroles, monkey bread).  Sometimes we order pizza or KFC.  Sometimes it's comfort food (ham balls and cheesy potatoes).  Sometimes Mom tests out new recipes on us.  But it doesn't really matter what we eat, I love that my kids look forward to this time every week and will look back on these Sunday dinners with fond memories as they grow up.

We have a movie playing in the background and this goes in phases.  We oftentimes watch some sort of Disney or Nick Jr. cartoon.  A few years back Colby wanted to watch Annie every Sunday.  (Kind of reminded me of my youth when my sister had to watch The Sound of Music every week--I can still sing through that movie and I don't think I've seen it in a decade or more.)  Currently Brody has been choosing one or the other of the Indiana Jones movies each week.  But today Steve, my brother in law, brought down some other movies we hadn't seen before.

Many times we play a game after dinner.  We love Blokus and Apples to Apples.  Today my sister was down with her hubby and my niece, Kayleigh (one year).  So out came the play dough!  At one time we had eight people ranging in age of one year to 50 years old playing with the play dough.  We had play dough pizza and pigs in blankets, a play dough person, worms, and spaghetti.  Kayleigh tasted a few samples and offered some to Grandma, who politely declined.

I'm so excited that my children are building strong relationships with family.  I come from an extended family that is very close and hope that my kids will feel the same way someday.