Friday, January 14, 2011

Sing... Sing a Song... Sing out loud... Sing out strong...

I have to tell you that was one of my favorite Sesame Street songs growing up.  My siblings and I could really belt out all the good ol' Sesame Street tunes.  I can still sing a little Rubber Ducky or C is for Cookie whenever the need arises.  Hey, I teach preschool, sometimes the need does arise...

But my kids... they have grown up with the classics.  
Brahm's Lullaby?  Nope.  

Maybe a little This Little Light of Mine?  Not really.  

How about I'm a Little Teapot?  Not exactly.

Yes, they have heard, and even sung, those songs, but I think the songs they will tie to their childhood will be the Hair Bands of the Eighties.

Never mind they were all born twenty years after the eighties ended.  They love themselves some White Snake, Poison, and Guns and Roses.  But their favorite has always been Def Leppard.

Yes my boys have been able to sing the chorus of Pour Some Sugar on Me since they were about two or so.  I can't count how many times I have had to watch the two VHS tapes my husband has of Def Leppard.  I think it's amazing that Rick Allen can pound on that trap set with one arm, 

and Joe Elliot is kind of cute, 

and we all miss Steve Clark, 

there's only so many times I can endure the entire 90 minutes of Def Leppard tunes.  Thankfully the VCR has bit the dust and the MP3 has headphones.

Though Def Leppard is their favorite, other bands certainly get their chance to be featured in the Feehan concert hall.  In kindergarten, Braedon's teacher, Mrs. Gall got to chuckle at his rendition of Smokin' in the Boys' Room, sung in the boys' room.  I had to explain to her that he falls asleep to Tommy Lee and the boys.  She, thank goodness, thought that was hilarious.  

Another kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Elben, frequently duet-ed with Braedon in the hallway to You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi.  Braedon was very jealous that Mrs. Gall and some of the other kindergarten and first grade teachers saw Bon Jovi in concert in the spring of his kindergarten year, by the way.

About a year ago Ron and Calob (my 19 year old stepson, also a hair band fan) went to an AC/DC concert.  The other boys were heartbroken that we wouldn't spend $110 each to take them to the concert as well.  As he was reading this over my shoulder, Ron just said he needed to check Def Leppard's tour dates to see if they would be in the area any time soon....

So while other children might enjoy The Wiggles or VeggieTales, mine will be able to karaoke with the best of them as they get older.  I guess that's something to be proud of...



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  2. Alright... I have removed all those pictures. They were there when I published and then over time they seem to disappear. What do I do to stop that? I thought it was just a glitch on my computer...

  3. I love hearing your boys sing THEIR rendition of the songs...Braedon..."Take me down to the paradise city; Where the grass is green; And the girls are HOT" And tell Steve and I (who occasionally listen to the hair bands) that he can say hot because that's what the song says ;)

  4. A few girlfriends of mine were just talking about this very thing, how some of the best rock and metal classics make the best lullabies. Nyana has fallen asleep more than once to Skid Row's "I remember you" and we've just discovered that Stairway to Heaven is wonderful. She does like the occasional Grateful Dead or John Denver, but she loves the hair bands, too.