Saturday, January 1, 2011

Preparing for 101 in 1001

First off-- Happy 2011.  Do you say 2000-11 or 20-11?  I have been saying 2000-10 with the preschoolers at calendar time.  Though, I'm not really sure why, because I say 20-10 everywhere else.  I may try to transition into saying 20-11 in this new year.

It was a late night last night, being New Year's Eve, and all.  And my brain is a bit fuzzy this morning.  No alcohol was consumed, I am just tired.  So this post may ramble a bit.  I don't seem to be capable of organized thought yet...

At the beginning of 2010.  I had stumbled upon a blog that a friend was using to keep track of some goals she had set for herself.  As I began reading the older posts I realized this was more than just some New Year's Resolutions.  It wasn't really a Bucket List either.  But a bit of a combination of the two.  And as I continued to read and follow links, I found that there was a whole group of folks participating--making their own lists and writing about them as they checked them off.  This was a project called 101 in 1001 or Day Zero.  I thought that this might be something I would be interested in doing.

The basic idea behind 101 things in 1001 days (I like this better, Day Zero sounds so end-of-the-world) is to create a list of 101 goals for yourself and giving yourself a timetable of 1001 days to complete the list.  Apparently the website that is the home-base to the project is being revamped, but here are a couple of websites that explain and give examples of this project.

Day Zero Project  Looks like this is the official website for the time being.
101 Goals in 1001 Days  This has a lot of info to getting started including free worksheets to use to brainstorm and organize your list and links to several other people's lists for examples of goals.
Also googling '101 in 1001' and 'Day Zero Project' will bring up several examples of goals that folks have set.  This is a world-wide concept and it is interesting to see the variety of goals out there.

Back to me... I used to do some weak New Year's Resolutions back in the day, but they never really amounted to much.  By setting some goals and giving myself more of a timeline, maybe I could feel successful in reaching them.  And number one on the list was to start my own blog so that I could keep track of the list and be a bit accountable to someone other than myself and a piece of paper.  (Never very successful for me...)  Anyway I did a bit of research and planned to get started on my birthday, April 6, and therefore get finished 1001 days later right around the new year of 2013.  My birthday came and left and we still had dial up and it was taking forever for pages to load and I didn't think I could handle a blog on dial up.  So I abandoned my list for the time being.

We now have a basic DSL and things load faster.  And LOOK I started a blog.  So I am in the process of re-furbishing my list and starting on my birthday this year.  I like the idea of starting on my birthday because it is not really a list of 'New Year's Resolutions' then.  And I like that I have an end-date that makes sense in my brain.  So I am setting a goal to have a list brainstormed and organized and be ready to start this project on April 6, 2011.  Anyone else participating in 101 in 1001?  I would love to have a support group.  What do you think?


  1. I am not participating in THAT group but you know I have my own list a mile long ;)

    welcome to bloggin!!! love the bookshelf bkgd!!

  2. Ohhh - I like that idea! Great blog! I'm a total blog fan - had mine for about 3 yrs and it's the best thing EVER :)

  3. Kim, I thought the suggestion to make a list with 101 items on it would be right up your alley.

    Hi Ashley. I love your blog too. Thanks for stopping by!