Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Several of the blogs I follow have occasional gratitude themed posts.  In the interest of trying to make this a frequent theme here, I am calling it Gratituesday.  On this and future Gratituesday posts I will list some of the small (or big) things that I am grateful for.  I believe we all have positive things and negative things going on in our lives at all times, but the ones that you concentrate on will determine how you approach each day.  I strive for a positive demeanor whenever possible.

I am grateful for a husband who can and does take up the reins at home whenever he has to.  Tonight he had cooked supper, done some dishes, helped with homework, and vacuumed when I finally got home a little after six.  Plus he took Colby in to his Tiger Den meeting once I got home.

I am grateful for three boys here, and one I claim who is almost 20 and lives on his own, who are relatively healthy and pretty good kids.  Specifically, it was so sweet to see Braedon (my nine year old who receives reading help at school) reading to Brody (almost 4).  They were in the same pose, stretched out on the floor on their stomachs with their chins in their hands.  And by that time Colby was curled up falling asleep.

I am grateful for fun times with my preschoolers.  So fun to watch them accomplishing things that were once difficult for them.  I am fortunate to have a job I love and one that allows me to wear my pajamas to work tomorrow.  We are having a pajama party in celebration of the letter P.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I am grateful for this little farm and all the people here that make me

  2. I am grateful you are blogging!! :) hehe (it was me texting you yesterday thank you for the info)

  3. I am grateful for a daughter who is getting healthier by the day. And I am grateful for my public healthcare system for picking up the tab.

  4. I find that anytime I stop and recognize my blessings that it always cheers me. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!