Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Several of the blogs I follow have occasional gratitude themed posts.  In the interest of trying to make this a frequent theme here, I am calling it Gratituesday.  On this and future Gratituesday posts I will list some of the small (or big) things that I am grateful for.  I believe we all have positive things and negative things going on in our lives at all times, but the ones that you concentrate on will determine how you approach each day.  I strive for a positive demeanor whenever possible.

Today was our Valentine's Party at preschool.  I am so grateful for the terrific group our parents we have.  We have four holiday parties a year and turn the party responsibilities over to the parents for each party.  We suggest the committee plan a craft, game/activity, and a snack.  We have had a different set of parents plan each of the parties this year.  And each committee approaches the party in their own way.  Some are super planned with detailed lists and others offered just a general plan, but each party has been great.  This takes the stress off of the teaching staff and also makes the parents a bigger part of the program.

I am grateful for chocolate.  I've got to keep up enough of a sugar high to keep up with the kiddos around me.  One lovely family sent a bag of decent chocolate for the teachers to share.  

I'm grateful for the sunshine and warmer weather.  It feels so good to be able to step outside without a coat.  And even though the ground of a sloppy mix of mud and dirty snow right now, it is a reminder that spring will be here in about a month.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. 2 in a row!! GO STACEY GO!!

    what a fun way to include your parents!!