Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yes, I know it is now Wednesday, but I wanted to slip this in here anyway.

I'm grateful for getting a tax return instead of having to pay in.  We are using it to tackle some bills and to make some purchases we have been putting off.

I'm grateful for memory foam.  My bed has been making my back ache for some time.  In fact, I have been sleeping on the couch most nights.  I bought a memory foam pad to put on top of our mattress and so far I have slept in bed every night since.  The pad was over $100 (one of those purchases we'd been putting off) but much cheaper than a new mattress.

I'm grateful for good teachers and good conference reports.  It turns out our boys are doing pretty well in school.  Braedon had a rough year last year and I thought we might be headed for special education.  However having a teacher that is willing to bend a bit and work with his strengths has made a world of difference.  As has a diagnosis and meds for ADD.  Colby's reading skills have just blossomed over the last several months.  His teacher reports that he still needs to be reminded to stay on task and not visit so much (hmmm...not sure where he gets that) during work time.

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  1. I'm happy to have you back in the same bed. I think it was a well spent $100