Sunday, June 19, 2011

How my husband celebrated Father's Day

My husband is like a big kid!  He was lucky to get to do two of his favorite things this weekend.  Last night he took the kids to the local racetrack and watched cars (and then trucks) go around in circles at top speed and at top volume.  They had a good time.  I got to stay home and relax with a book, a movie, and a mountain of laundry.

Today he had asked if he could have friends over to play.  We have a paintball field in the back part of our yard.  He ended up with just short of 20 paintballers and some of their kids at our house for much of the afternoon.  He now has several new bruises and one big goose-egg.  He had a blast!  I hung out in the house, did a little housework, played around on the internet, and read another chapter in my book.

Hey, it works for us!

And before I post let me say a little something about Ron.  He was already a dad when I met him.  One of the things that attracted me to him is the way he interacted with his son.  He still is a great father to all four of his boys.  He is a male role-model for several other folks at his work and just in general.  He is very hands-on, coaching and playing with the boys.  He is easy to talk to.  He helps out around the house.  He's a pretty great guy and I'm lucky to have him.

My own dad is hard-working.  He is a farmer.  He was always there for my siblings and I as we were growing up.  He attended ball games, concerts, and dance recitals.  Currently he is the biggest fan of my baking.  He is my back of plan for day care and has taken the boys to help him on the farm (sometimes at the last minute).  We spent some time with him over the noon hour today.  He, Colby, and I worked together to get the fire started in the fire pit for our wiener roast.  Dad didn't get to stay too long though as he had hay to bale.  Hopefully he is enjoying his candy bar bouquet that the boys got him.  They had a hard time giving it up.

Neither of my grandpas are still living, but they were a big part of my life while they were here.  Grandpa George was also a farmer (as was his father, and my brother--it's in the blood).  He and Dad farmed together and he was at our house every morning at about 5:30 to go over the day's plans.  Every morning when I woke up, I could expect to find him at our kitchen table.  He also ran the feed store for many years.  He was my way in to early basketball practice.  My Grandpa Lewis was a veterinarian.  He raised six kids and was a father figure for several of their friends, and better than a dozen grandchildren.  He was so patient with us.  Whatever we needed, he found a way to get for us.

I'm thankful to have had all these men in my life.  They truly have helped me to become who I am.


  1. what a sweet tribute post to all the male role models in your life!!

  2. Thank you for letting me play with my friends
    Mr.Boys, Baking, and Bargains :-)