Monday, June 27, 2011

Freezing Bananas (a re-post)

I originally posted this 1-25-11.

I bake a lot of banana bread when I am baking for the farmers' market in the summer.  I do also bake it some when it is not farmers' market season, though my kids would say not enough.  I don't like to pay 50 cents a pound for bananas.  I also don't like my kitchen to smell like rotten bananas.  So I stalk my local grocery store.  Their policy is to discount bananas when there is no longer any green on the skin.  Once they are discounted, the customer can purchase a bag of bananas (usually about 2-3 big bunches) for a buck.  (Our Fareway changed their produce person, and the banana policy changed at the same time.  It is no longer that great of a deal, but better than full price.  I have found bags of bananas at HyVee though.)

I discovered a few years ago how easy it is to freeze bananas.  I peel and freeze the bananas whole in the amounts I need for a recipe.  If you need 2-3 bananas for a loaf a bread, freeze 2-3 bananas together in a baggy.  Pull a baggy of bananas out of the freezer the night before you bake.  The bananas with thaw into a brown puddle of mush, but this is perfect for banana bread!  No need to mash the bananas ahead of time.

I also do the something similar with zucchini.  I shred it, measure out the amounts I need for my recipes, and freeze to use later for baking.
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  1. I do this too! Sale bananas, zucchini, blueberries. Sara will have a guest post on my website to see how she freezes strawberries. See you next week for the Frugal Tuesday Tip?

  2. I love freezing bananas! I have been measuring out cherries too for turnovers! As always, thanks for linking up. Look forward to your tips each week.

  3. Great idea. I just did this today!

  4. This is a great idea. I have been wondering if you could peel the bananas and then freezer them. It is such a mushy mess to peel them after freezing. Thanks for the tip. :)