Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Bucket List Update, Week Two

We have a Summer Bucket List, thanks to Kelly over at Little Wonders' Days.  This is simply a list of fun things we want to do or accomplish this summer.  We just completed our second full week of summer.  To review our fist week go here.  I didn't think we had accomplished much this week until I started to review the list.  Here is a rundown of our week.

1.  Visit 10 parks to play and picnic:  Friday we played at East Lake Park on the bottom playground.  We packed a lunch of pbj, trail mix, strawberries, and water.  This playground has been around nearly as long as I have, but the kids still enjoy it.  I did notice that some of the playground structures had been removed (the big teeter totter, the swinging gate, the playhouse, at least one slide).  Some have been gone for awhile, some are recent removals, I think.  It does still have two merry go rounds, which you don't see very often anymore.  The boys swung on the swings, spun themselves silly on the merry go rounds, swung across the monkey bars and bounced on the smaller teeter totters.  I think Colby braved the big slide (Brody climbed up and right back down).  We were the only kids there and did get sprinkled on a bit.  Sadly, the park is in need of some trimming and repair.  Though I may have noticed it only because Mom told me that there are now only two park workers to keep all the county parks mowed, trimmed, and in good repair.  Maybe some community groups need to step up.

11.  Camping:  Ron and the boys slept in the tent in our front yard Sunday night.  I'm still hoping to go camping some weekend with some friends and I know we have some boy scout adventures coming up, so this is just a start.  Sunday had been hot, but it cooled off that night and Ron found himself needing to share Braedon's warm blanket.  No one was eaten by coyotes.  The dogs and cats never did quite figure out what was going on.  But I think the boys enjoyed it.  Ron said his back no longer feels like he's 20.  Mine either, that's why I slept inside.

23.  Look at the stars:  Brody and I laid down on the grass in the front yard and looked at the stars while the other three were getting the tent situated for sleeping.  I tried to point out the one constellation I still remember (the big dipper), but Brody didn't seem to care.  I also ended up with a tick out of the deal.

34.  Feed the geese:  There is an old railroad lake in town called Grade Lake.  It is home to 2-3 families of geese each summer.  Colby, Brody, and I brought them some stale bread and popcorn Thursday evening.  There seemed to be two families with goslings and one other couple there.  They enjoyed the popcorn, but kept their distance, hissing if we got too close.

46.  Donate toys to the thrift store:  We made a sizable clothing donation and also got a few toys snuck in there.  We definitely need to go through the toys again.  I know we can part with more than a small boxful.

Items not on the list that we did
   *Toured the post office with some other young families:  Kim, a friend of mine, started taking her daycare kids on local field trips a couple of years ago over the summer.  Last year she opened it up to other home providers.  This year she opened it to families.  The new postmaster was very receptive.  The kids seemed interested.  We enjoyed it.  Oh and Braedon was able to give our home address when she asked.
   *Volunteered:  All five of us helped load the semi trailer bound for Joplin.  We even made the local news.  Colby and Braedon started helping me with the preschooler I'm working with this summer.  He is working on many things, including social skills, and they are posing as his peers.  
   *Random act of kindness:  This was mostly me, but we did talk about it afterward.  I was stopped by a lady at the gas station trying to get home, who had run out of money.  I had a little money in my pocket that I gave her.  I talked to the two boys I had with me, Brody and Colby, about trying always to be kind and helpful, but also to be smart.  I'm not sure what her situation was, but I do think she needed help and hope she got home safely.

I think this coming week may be a tough one to get activities in.  We have a lot going on, including two full-day trainings for me, two half days working with the preschooler, our own farmers' market x2, and at least four nights of ballgames (weather permitting).  I am going to try to do some of the easier 'around the house' type of activities early in the week so that we can check some items off and not let the week get away from us.  Hope everyone else is enjoying your summer as much as we are!


  1. You certainly do seem to be enjoying summer! I love all the activities you did this week. It sounds like a busy week coming up, but it also sounds like you have a lot of summer fun in there too. Ballgames are so summer! Thanks for linking to the summertime fun party. Have another great week!

  2. Wonderful bucket list! I can see a lot of adventure in your plans!