Monday, June 20, 2011

Love the Library

I have always loved the library.  In my youth I would walk to the public library several times a week and spend hours devouring books.  I often forget and neglect to utilize the library as much as I could.  What is more frugal than a free book.  I never really read a book more than once anyway.  Nowadays there are also movies available, no rental fee.  And who can forget the scads of programs offered to all ages.

This summer our small public library has reading rewards programs for all ages, story hours, craft times, interactive classes, and contests.  It offers monthly book discussions for adults.  It offers free internet.  The librarians can help you find the books you are looking for and if they are not on the shelves there, they will order them from a neighboring library.

This week is our local library's celebration of 100 years serving the public.  They have some extra-special activities planned.  This afternoon they are offering a free children's movie complete with popcorn.  Friday they will have an artist there to do caricatures.  Fun!

Don't forget to utilize your local library--it is just about as frugal as it gets.


  1. We LOVE the library. The house gets very quiet when we return from a library trip. Have you tried the audio books?
    Thanks for joining the Frugal Tuesday Tip so often.

  2. Stacey, I agree 100% with the wonderful benefits of public libraries!!
    It sounds like your children will continue the tradition of using the library, as well. It`s great how libraries adapt to the changing needs of our society, and offer movies, and internet access, as well as adult discussion groups.

    One of my favourite memories is the book trailer which visited our neighbourhood once per week and picking out picture books (Curious George, and Babar were favourites of mine). And then feeling grown up when I began borrowing books with words to read. (I once borrowed The Scarlet Letter, by Hawthorne, and couldn`t get through it! :)

    Thanks for checking in with me the other day.

    I`m so happy to have had the chance to meet you, and other special people through blogging!