Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clean Sweep Week 2 Update

Well, I'm really sucking at this week's challenge so far.  I do still intend to do something, because something is better than nothing.  But there has been lots of sickness going around at school, and although I have avoided it for the most part, I have been run down and achy all week.  By the time I got home, made supper, and got kids ready for bed, I was ready for bed myself.

Today, we are heading to Des Moines to get the boys' pictures taken with Kayleigh, their cousin.  Hope to hit up a book store after.  But also hope to get something accomplished on the challenge tonight and tomorrow.  Are any of you taking up the challenge?  This week's focus is cleaning out drawers and cupboards and even if you just do one, you've met the challenge.  Have a good weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. I'm trying to get on board with Flylady, but I can't even keep my sink clean, lol. I think having a six month old buys me a pass on cleaning and organizing for a while. :)

    Stay healthy!