Monday, March 7, 2011

Clean Sweep-- Week 2

Here we are at week 2.  I feel like I accomplished a lot during week 1 and week 2 is focused on another area that definitely needs some attention at my house.  (Who am I kidding, all areas need some attention at my house.)  

Week 2 brings us to drawers and cupboards.  Here is a snippet from Clean Mama's post:

This week's assignment?  In keeping with my simple and  low-key process of spring cleaning this month, the assignment is to work on drawers and cupboards.  You decide - one drawer and/or cabinet or every single one in your home.  What am I working on this week?  I need to give some special attention to the drawers and cupboards in the master bathroom. 

Ooooh I have lots of drawers and cabinets that need attention.  I think my goal will be one drawer and one cupboard per day, knowing that some days I won't get any done and others I will do more than one.  I have drawers in the kitchen.   I still have two dressers to go through.  I have desk drawers to go through.  I have cabinets in the kitchen, under the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom, in the desk, and in the china cabinet.  I will probably focus mostly on the kitchen.  I would like to clear off my countertops and with cleaned out drawers and cabinets, maybe I can get some of the stuff from my countertops put away.  

Who's going to participate with me?  What drawers and cabinets will you work on?

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  1. FUNNY!! I was sick of looking @ my 'plastics' cupboard yday so I sat on the floor while the kids were putting their dishes in the dishwasher & cleaned it out & restacked it. nothing I can get rid of as I use it all weekly but atleast its neater! the upstairs same cupboard needs done tonight while I am fixing supper! Thanks for posting these!!!