Monday, March 14, 2011

Clean Sweep Week 3 Challenge

Clean Mama's Week Three Challenge is to choose 3 things that you've been avoiding cleaning, and clean them.   You get to choose which three.  Clean Mama is cleaning vents and light fixtures.  I've been pretty much avoiding cleaning everything except dishes and laundry around here.  So I  will plan to work on: (1) the fridge, (2) the kitchen floor, and (3) the linen closet.  As always these are subject to change.  Since I tend to set goals that may just be too lofty (especially since I have Brody's birthday, parent teacher conferences, and freezer meal group to prepare for).  

Btw, I did get three kitchen drawers cleaned out and organized, three easy drawers.  The cabinets really needed it, but I was just not feeling up to that job.  


  1. baby steps are key!!! :) keep on going!

  2. Stacey,
    I just found you when I was on Teacher Tom's blog.
    Just wanted to let you know I'm following you, and look forward to reading your posts!

    (My blog about children is "Early Childhood Education and Commonsense", but ever since I started my new blog, this doesn't show up, so I'd like to invite you to come over and check in now and then, I'd love to have you!