Sunday, March 6, 2011


I remember my brother playing with Legos growing up.  At that time I think they were sold like blocks, a set of random pieces and maybe some picture suggestions of what you could make.  Ron had Legos too.  He enjoyed them enough to make sure that Calob had a big bucket to work with when he was small.  Calob never really played with them much.  Neither does Braedon.  Enter Colby, and we have our Lego-maniac.

Now most Legos come in boxed kits that have a specific directions to make a model of some sort of thing.  Colby got several very involved kits for Christmas to make various Harry Potter items.  He was a rock star at following directions.  And Ron enjoyed the time with Colby and between them they managed to make quite a little Harry Potter village.  I am thrilled that Colby is able to follow directions, though having that Y chromosome, he may not utilize this skill in adulthood.

During the weeks since that village has been altered and dismantled in smaller pieces as Colby has gotten creative with the Legos.  He has made spaceships, superhero vehicles, and other contraptions--all using his own creativity and problem solving skills.  As his brothers see him working with his Legos they have both become interested as well and have made some of their own things.  Braedon and Brody only stay focused for brief times, for different reasons, but you can find Colby tinkering with his Legos most every day.

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